Qt Demo with KDE examples

More than a month into GSoC already and I’ve only done an introductory post. Not really acceptable, so this post will start fixing this issue:)

I’ve been working quite a bit in the KDE Examples module. I’ve done a few basic examples that show things like how to create a basic KDE application with KXMLGUI, what different widgets KDE has to offer and so on. I’ve improved some of the examples that were already hanging around, like the one for KWallet. And I’ve also worked on more “interesting” stuff, such as Solid, Nepomuk or Akonadi.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m done with this technologies. Only some basic examples are done and new ones will follow, but my mentor and I agreed that it’s best to first have basic examples covering all the technologies. There is no use in showing every single feature of Nepomuk if the rest of the technologies have no examples.

Qt Demo with KDE examples

Qt Demo with KDE examples

I’ll soon be posting about more of the work I’ve done, but today I want show how all this examples are loaded and showcased. And that is through Qt Demo. Yes, that’s right, Qt Demo, no KDE Demo for now.

What I’ve done is modify Qt Demo to load the KDE examples, as you can see in the screenshot. This is mainly because creating such an application takes a while and I’ll use Qt’s until I can create a new one for KDE. This will happen during the final part of the GSoC, so this is the best option to showcase this work for now😉

I think this is enough for a quick summary of my work this last month. I still have things to tell, but I’ll be posting more regularly from now on, so that’s no problem. This week I’ll be working on Kross, expect a post about it.

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